Groovy GameBoards®

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We've done it! Outdoor durable board games, with all the pieces locked in and ready for play!  Groovy!! 

This build relies on our tried-and-tested channel and spinner builds, that have stood up perfectly well at outdoor attractions and public parks for several years. 

The Groovy games offer simple to understand games, in an attention-grabbing format that begs for attention and fun. The game play is social, cross-generational and sure to be captured in many pictures and memories.  Players will use the spinner to get around the board and follow the rules for gameplay. 

As always, our products are printed with U.V stable inks and laminated against wear and damage. GameBoards® are made of our amazing composite materials that stand up to weather and abuse.  

2020 Production Batching: In order to be efficient with pricing and production in our studio, we produce all of these products in quarterly batches.
Next Ship Date: March 20th, 2020. In order to be included in this batch, you must process your order prior to December 31st, 2019. 

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