'In A Row' - large themed connect 4 sets

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Created for our buyers by request- these 'In a Row' games are easy to understand and fun for all ages. Our over-sized, themed set looks great and invites people to play together again and again.

Weather and Mess Proof: It sits outdoors and takes the weather with no problem, built from our trusted American-made composite materials. Leave it near food service areas, and wipe it clean with ease.

* Note- As this game does have loose pieces, we always recommend it be used in group events, or slightly more supervised settings. However, to date, none of our buyers have lost pieces. People seem to quite respectfully leave them in the game. We do ship the product with extra discs in case a few walk away.

DIY Building Plans are included. As always, no lumber is supplied with this product- you will build the frame with our provided plans. It's a simple build that would take 1-2 hours, with approximately 50$ worth of lumber. (Bonus- The main part now comes assembled with the dropping mechanism ready to play!).

"This game was a great addition to our market area. It gets played all the time and always engages both the children and their parents or even grandparents. It's an instant fav on our farm"
                                               - Hillary Lowe, The Farmstead in Idaho

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