Seek and Find - site/trail games

  • 88900

Add an easy activity with minimal effort, and add onto it for promotional or data collecting purposes, if you like. Your guests will appreciate the easy to follow activity that add an extra layer to the experience.


Provided with each of the themed sets:

  • 1 'Intro' Game sign to explain and engage your visitors (24" x 18")
  • 12 unique themed seek signs for you to affix anywhere you choose. 
    (each sign is approx 13-15" wide. You can easily order extra ones too!
  • 1 Answer sign (15" x 5")

Optional Add-on items to encourage contesting and/or data collection

    • Ballot Cards to hand out at the gates, or at events
    • Hand Stamps for sharing the image to seek out,  without paper
    • Mobile Data entry page if you want to add a contesting element and offer a digital ballot.



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