Tilt-a-Maze (ZAA)

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Lift, Tilt, and Play! All the fun of a video game...without plugging in! Tilt-A-Maze tables are just what you need to engage the bigger kids. Place one anywhere that you need an extra activity, or get a few together in one spot to set up a new aMazing area.
(We can supply supporting signage to make it great!)

This maze game is completely self-contained, and will re-set itself between players without power or supervision. Tilt-a-Maze tables are suitable for children as young as 7-8 but will equally captivate the parents! Each design has its own challenge / play level, tilt-a-maze is 30" wide x 42" long, and includes handles on all sides for cooperative play and team building.


This game has no loose pieces, and is made from the highest quality outdoor composite materials available. It is meant to last outdoors a long time with minimal maintenance (The super strong Lexan top can easily be replaced if too many scratches start to be an issue a few seasons later.)

Included with the purchase is the U-Joint pivot point mechanism which is made of robust and replaceable steel parts.

With the help of our clearly illustrated DIY plans and guide, you will supply and build the lumber box for the tilt-a-maze to attach to. Face the box with the materials of your choosing to match your site design.


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