Manufacturing & Makers



MacArt outsources to trusted makers and manufacturers in the United States and Canada. Parts and materials are ordered directly from our amazing manufacturing partners.

We are proud to support the North American manufacturing industry and always source American-Made materials. As marketers with decades of experience, we are keenly aware of the manufacturing losses in recent times. Every MacArt product sold supports American and Canadian small business, and manufacturers. 

Quality they notice & Creativity they'll remember.

Our customers comment often on the durability of our composite materials and the high levels of production.  This does not surprise us, as we only source at the top of the available choices for outdoor grade materials that will hold up to daily handling and constant physical abuse.

We borrowed tried and tested practices from the outdoor signage industry, and combined them with the family fun requirements of the outdoor tourism industry. If you would like samples of any of the key materials- just send us a note.


New Makers Welcome!

If you'd like to help us make people smile- let us know what you make! We're always keen to meet new suppliers.

We love family business:)