'Sliding Tile' Puzzle Table

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Based on the hand-held classics, our sliding tile games have been adapted to the outdoor social space. The puzzle is 3 feet square, allowing for several people to stand around it and collaborate. The tiles slide effortlessly around, while players try to solve it.  These can be placed anywhere on your site, to give your guests something to do. Wonderful near retail or food service, the slide puzzle will captivate gamers of all ages while shoppers shop.

How It's Made: Crafted in our outdoor composite material, the tiles will last in all weather conditions and stand up to thousands of hands. Bright graphics are printed in U.V stable inks and laminated for durability. The base layer is strong yet perforated so the rain water and sand can run right through and wash up is a breeze.

Offered in several designs:

Get Your Goat, is a challenge for any puzzle expert, tempting the player to slide the fences around until the Goat in the center is properly penned in. Not as simple as it looks.

Bushel or Basket with logo- add your logo to our basket or bushel artwork for a simple Branded idea. 

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