Teamwork Trail

  • 3,25000

Communication is the Key!

A first of its kind- our TeamWork Trail game combines puzzle play and verbal communication skills to provide a team building experience like no other.

  • Great for Groups,  possible extra revenue during fall festival
  • Each game takes 30-45 minutes, but new players can enter every 10-15 minutes
  • No loose pieces to lose or reset
  • Add your own landscape, fencing, and locks

Participants travel down the trail on opposite sides of the puzzle panels while they are working together to solve the 4 digit combination required to get to the next level of the trail. Gates and locks separate each of the levels, each containing several puzzles to solve in order to get the combination. Each level is harder than the next, which provides the players easy rewards initially and ongoing challenge.

Provided with your game set is an operator's manual with all the details you will need to run a successful TeamWork Trail. The only part of the experience that will require operational supervision are the locks themselves.

More Themes coming soon.

 Included with this purchase:

  • 11 Double sided Puzzle Panels
  • Entrance Signage, Rules, How to Play
  • Traffic Flow Stop Signs
  • Exit Signage
  • Operator's Manual
  • Digital Graphics to use in your own marketing, website etc.

This game is being offered at introductory pricing until we gather more operator feedback and fine-tune any of the resources needed.

We have designed the first version of TeamWork Trail with Fall theming, but other designs & themes may follow soon based on feedback.

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